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Now check out this tip:

If your camping in cool or cold weather, a good way to warm up your sleeping
bag and keep warm is:

Heat up a good sized rock by your fire and when your ready
to call it a night, put the rock in a clean old pillow case and wrap the excess
around it. Put it at the bottom of you sleeping bag. This will keep keep your
footsies nice and toasty like a magic bag.

Camping Has Never Been Easier with Online Reservation Systems

by Pat Hogle

Are you planning a nice camping adventure but just don't know where to stay? This article will review two great websites you can access to search for campsites across the United States. Reserve America and Reserve USA are online reservations sites that you may visit and make reservations 24/7.

ReserveAmerica offers a Reservation Service for state parks and privately owned campgrounds throughout the United States. From this site, you can access 150,000 campsites throughout America. They offer camp sites, cabins, or day use facilities in 44 states. The online system allows you to search by state or campground name.

The National Recreation Reservation Service™ (NRRS™) - From this one site, you can make reservations for the USDA Forest Service, Army Corps of Engineers, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management and Bureau of Reclamation outdoor recreation facilities and activities. With over 45,000 sites at over 1,700 locations, any camper will find a great place to relax and unwind. They offer camp sites, cabins, or day use facilities in 43 states. The online system allows you to search by state or campground, lake, or forest name.

Some of the functions of these websites include being able to search by state, campground, lake, or forest name. You can access maps of each campground to see the layout of the grounds and how close each site is to shower, bathrooms, playgrounds, beaches, etc... This feature is great because you may choose which site you would like to reserves and check for availability.

The next time you are planning on a great camping experience, don't let the hassle of choosing a campsite get you down. Visit one of these great websites. With the thousands of campgrounds from which to choose, there is bound to be a place that is perfect for you and your family.

About the Author

Pat Hogle is the owner of ACE Camp Gear: Ace Camp Gear is an online store with great camping equipment. Pat has been camping for 25 years and spends much time in the Adirondacks of New York.

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