Thursday, September 13, 2007

Glamping Is Camping With A Twist

Have you been out glamping lately? I know I sure won't be anytime soon.

Who wouldn't like to be pampered while camping? At least once.

Having a camp butler to build my fire, cook my s’mores. A maid to look after my down filled comforter, a chef to prepare my fit for a king breakfast.

I think I'll stop dreaming and wake up to reality. At a cost of only $595 a night, plus $110 per person I'll keep looking for my $10.00 a night basic campsite. Believe it or not thats what glamping is all about.

It seems its a new trend. Its all about “glamourous camping”. Of course you might want to have a we bit of extra cash. “nature on a silver platter.” I'll stick to normal camping its what I know. How about you. Leave a comment.

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