Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Nasty Spring Camping Weather

I hope you've been enjoying these posts. How was your spring this year?
We've had a nice one. We tried to to go camping and
fishing on the long weekend in May. It was an 8hr trip to where
we were going to camp.

The weather turned cold and snowing with
strong North winds. Needless to say we loaded up the truck
and went South. I still say the worst day camping and fishing
is still better then the best day at work. It was still a fun

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Camping Recipe

BBQ Foiled Dinner

1 Potatoe
1 Onion
1 Whole Carrot
1 Chicken Breast
Salt and Pepper
BBQ Sauce 2 tbsp

Place chicken in foil,ad potatoes,onions and sliced
carrots around the chicken, add seasonings and BBQ
Sauce, then seal. Place foil pack near hot ambers of
the campfire and cook for about 20 minutes

Camping Tips

Here are some tips to keep away pesky bugs.

Try using coconut soap and coconut oil -

helps to repel mosquitoes.

Avoid using scented personal products.

Avoid wet areas and long grass.

Try wearing long sleeved pants and shirts,

that are light coloured.

Sweat attracts mosquitoes, try and stay cool.

Using citronella candles and oil will help keep

the mosquitoes away.

Mosquitoes Net Hats - do a good job at keeping

bugs away from your head and face.

I also use Vitamin B1, secretes through pours,

seems to help.

Of course there's your store bought products

with Deet.

A Few Tips for Camping Newbies

by: Donald Vanderlugt

A little forethought and organization will payoff in a great memorable adventure for that next outdoors excursion you may have planned.

* Depending upon your adventure [ hiking/canoeing/car camping ] don’t take along every thing including the kitchen sink, that’s why you go camping in the first place; to get away from it all !…….but always allow for the worst thing that could happen because sometimes it will; freezing cold, sick kids,pouring rain,insect pests,strong winds can all spoil a great time if you are not prepared for the worst and always take along the sunscreen/hat and mozzie repellent.

* If you need to travel light you may be better off carrying food types that don’t need to be cooked; the midday meal should be quick and easy for everybody especially with canoeing activities etc and keep the cooking for around the campfire or portable stove at night; try to minimize the eco impact and keep to the established cooking areas.[ be aware of fire bans ]

* Make sure you have all the requisites for a good nights sleep like a mosquito net,mosquito coils and a quick fill air mattress or pad, nothing worse than a bad nights sleep.

* Be eco friendly and take your rubbish away with you unless there are rubbish facilities available and when going to the toilet if you need to dig a hole, make it nice and deep and away from the beaten track;think of your fellow campers.

* Always be considerate of fellow campers,don’t smoke out your neighbours with your camp fire or camp too close and keep the noise down to a minimum as we all enjoy a quiet nights sleep and a little privacy , if you must use a generator for electricity be mindful of the eco impact of both noise and spillage of fuels and oils.

* At packup time your camp site should look as if you were never there;make sure your gear is packed correctly , nice and dry, otherwise you will need to dry it out when you get home , because any damp material gear will get smelly and mouldy and possibly rot away .

* Obviously these notes are only a very broad outline….but you have to start somewhere……..

About The Author
Donald Vanderlugt has many years experience trekking about as a keen bushman and a scouter and is the webmaster of where you will find a comprehensive selection of camping gear.


For The Love Of The Outdoors

Robin and Val

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