Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Winter Camping Tip

Its that time of year again. I don't think I've ever done any winter camping myself.

My son's have done a lot over the years, with the scouting program they were in. They always seemed to have a great time. I remember one long weekend in May a few years back.

It was cold, snowy and miserable. We even had a layer of snow on our tents one morning.

At least I can say the fishing was great, the weather not so great. Do you have a tale or tip you'd like like to share. Just leave a comment.

Here is a tip for you winter or cold weather campers. Dress up in enough layers of warm clothing to ensure that the weather isn't going to spoil your trip.

Three layers should do the job of keeping your warm and dry. Would you like to comment on this winter camping tip. Would love your input.