Monday, June 25, 2007

Tent Trailers

Tent Trailers Make Camping Fun for the Whole Family
by Trevor Mulholland

When you're out on your own, camping could be fun even with very little at hand. You can make a meal over a simple campfire, and a comfy living area out of a pack tent. As long as the weather is good, you can hike for miles and stop anywhere you want, without needing a roof over your head. But once you're camping with family, you'll find that your outdoor needs have grown just a little more complex. When you've decided that you want your family to experience the great outdoors, it's time to look into tent trailers.

Tent trailers are by no means a substitute for "roughing it," or the simple pleasures of getting by on your own in nature's own cradle. However, not everybody likes "roughing it" right off the bat - some need ties to their urban roots, and for such people, modern conveniences like a stove, a portable outhouse and even a working television are indispensable.

This is where trailers come in. Trailers are extensions, usually for family vehicles like minivans or small SUVs; they are hooked up to the back of the vehicles and then towed to wherever the camping spot will be. Trailers are good for storing large equipment that would not fit inside the family car, like fishing gear, bedrolls, large pots and extra luggage. They can also be towed through rough, bumpy mountain trails without being unbalanced or detached from the main vehicle.

They are convertible into living spaces, and so although they are wheeled and outwardly seem like vehicles themselves, they are also called "tents." Some makers of modern trailer tents claim that you can turn a trailer into a tent in a matter of minutes - and this is true! Collapsible compartments create more room for people to move around inside the trailer, so that there is plenty of space to sleep. A good alternative to getting bitten by insects or worse, just when you think you're safely locked away in your snug sleeping bag, right under the stars!

Another major convenience is that you don't have to spend hours putting up a tent for everyone in the household. The tent is pretty much already there! If putting up the tent is no longer on your list of things to worry about, you can spend more valuable family bonding time fishing, hiking or just playing games out in the open.

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Tent Trailers